Wed 11 Sep 2013

"A Social Network For Musicians That Works Like A Music Scene"

From Musicians have a few problems using the Internet to promote their work, but the one that bothers the founders of private beta Shoutabl the most is the individualized nature of social networks. A business is one business. A person is... Read More
Fri 30 Aug 2013

"Our Startup Could Be Your Band’s Life"

From Billboard: When the last Dismemberment Plan album came out in 2001, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and smartphones didn’t exist. But technology isn’t the only thing that’s changed; over the course of those same 12 years, band frontman... Read More
Fri 16 Aug 2013

"Music DIY Goes Digital"

From Fortune: Anyone who's read at any length about the new, digitally-based music business paradigm knows that it's entirely possible for an artist or group to make a living in a post-label world where album sales are no longer the industry-sustaining... Read More

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