Wed 11 Sep 2013


Musicians have a few problems using the Internet to promote their work, but the one that bothers the founders of private beta Shoutabl the most is the individualized nature of social networks.

A business is one business. A person is one person. But that’s not how the music scene works, they say. Most serious musicians are members of multiple bands, and those bands don’t compete. They cooperate.

As Travis Donovan, one of the cofounders put it, “Traditionally artists will form these scenes based on location. You start forming new bands from other bands. Pretty soon you have 20 friends who play 12 different bands and you’re all passing out each other’s fliers and you have a scene.”

This works well on the ground, but social networks don’t reflect the real world ways that bands share followings. Shoutabl aims to be a music community building tool that recognizes the fluidity of members.

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